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What does the Chicken say? 

What does the Cow say?

Booml has no idea, but he is going to find out. He’s going to visit all his animal friends and ask them what kind of sound they make.

A funny booklet about the animal sounds, completely illustrated in “Booml style”, with simple ‘sound’ texts and cute chubby illustrations.

The perfect little book for your children’s birthday, or just for fun. Read it to the very little ones, ages 0 to 4, or let the older children read it for themselves. Make the sounds while you read and the fun can begin! It is also a great learning book for anyone who wants to learn English and the sounds of the English animals.

Booml.. the pig says OINK

€ 7,99Prijs
  • ISBN: 978-1073302796
    Uitgegeven op juni 2019
    38 pagina's
    8.25x8.25 inch
    21x21x0.3 cm

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