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A great addition to the first ‘Learn Dutch - more than 1000 words’ book for the Dutch student. This book, like the other, is a great companion for any child or adult, wishing to have an easy and helpful teacher, in your quest in understanding and learning the Dutch Language.

The book is written in a font that is specifically developed for people who suffer from dyslexia, making the Dutch language accessible to anyone.

The book can be a practical companion for expats in The Netherlands to master some necessary basics, but also a great book for parents who want to raise their kids bilingual.

More than 140 of the most common verbs in the Dutch language are covered. 
Over 40 verbs are learned through uncomplicated illustrations, which make studying fun and easy to apply.
The additional verbs are listed in the common dictionary style.

Veel plezier!
Have fun!

Learn Dutch Verbs

€ 10,95Prijs
  • ISBN: 979-8578043376
    Uitgegeven op 8 december 2020
    50 pagina's
    8.5x8.5 inch
    22x22x3 cm

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