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A book about noses.

Noses that smell!


This cute little book mentions 24 different animals and their various abilities to smell. Illustrations are simple with funny close-ups of the noses, beaks and snouts.


About the book

The book will teach children (and their parents or teachers) a little bit about the sense of smell in animals. The five senses are very important for animals in the wild to survive, detect food, keep the family close and for social arrangements. This book covers 24 animals and it is very interesting to see that these various animals all have a different kind of nose, and a different way of smelling.


You probably didn’t know that a snake does not smell through a nose, but through a different organ which is located in their mouth. Or that a large nose for a Proboscis Monkey does not mean that they can smell better, but only that they are considered being more attractive?


The booklet is most interesting for children from 3 to 10 years old, but parents have already learned from reading it to their kids as well.


€ 17,95Prijs
  • ISBN: 978-1-64669-882-0
    Uitgegeven op augustus 2019
    52 pagina's
    8.5x8.5 inch
    21x21x3 cm

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