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This is not a cardboard box.
It is so much more!

Children have a great imagination, which needs to be developed and nurtured.
Obviously, a box is NEVER just a box for a child, it is anything they want it to be.. and more!
This booklet introduces the little ones to the world of the cardboard box
Because let’s face it, an airplane, pirate ship or train is much more fun than just a box, right?

10 ideas for little babies and toddlers; to watch, read and discover. And then of course putting it into practice.
At the back of the book are two small assignments the children can carry out: inventing more cardboard box purposes, and searching for small drawings throughout the book.

One more thing: make sure you have enough carboard boxes at home!

This is not a... Cardboard Box

€ 7,99Prijs
  • ISBN: 979-8645698539
    Uitgegeven op oktober 2020
    28 pagina's
    8.5x8.5 inch
    22x22x0.3 cm

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